Montessori Information Evenings

Preschool and Under 3 Playgroup families Welcome!

Each Term Principal Mary Batterham presents a free information session.  We invite current families, Under 3 parents, waitlist families.

The topics vary between Language, Mathematics, Sensorial, Cultural, Practical Life and Montessori in the home.

Our second term topic is Mathematics.

In Montessori, we want each child to feel confident with maths. We introduce it in a way that makes sense to them, at a sensory level. We gradually lead them through a series of steps toward the abstract work; the symbols humans have created.  By using the materials and following through the sequence of presentations that become more and more abstract, your child doesn’t just learn to mimic the steps of a maths process but really understands what it means and why it’s done a certain way with pencil and paper.

You are invited to come along and experience how easy it is to come to a greater understanding of mathematical concepts.

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